Looking for a private tutor for elementary, middle, or high school students in Chicago?

Would your student benefit from highly personalized support that is especially tailored to their strengths and their challenges?

Tactical Tutors has a unique approach that provides both academic and emotional support for students to succeed at school.

Our tutors not only help students reach their educational objectives — they provide students with the encouragement and skills they need to succeed. We help students manage their time more effectively and to become more organized.  We teach skills to get the upper hand over the worries and stress that many children and adolescents encounter.   We aim for more than academic competence — we develop students’ confidence.

Email info@tacticaltutors.com or call 773-657-4440 for your free phone consultation.  We’d be happy to answer your questions and to provide you with more information about our services.

Our Approach

Our unique approach makes it easy.

Many families face obstacles when they try to figure out how tutoring will work for them.  They are concerned whether tutoring will fit into their busy schedules.  They are unsure about whether the once-a-week meeting will be sufficient to meet all of their students’ needs.  Some even are worried about driving their child to appointments and dealing with the frustrations of traffic and parking.

The goal at Tactical Tutors is to make it easier.

Our tutors come to your home or to a public location that is mutually convenient, like your local library.  You don’t have to go anywhere for our services.

Our tutors have flexible schedules and can meet with your student as  they need.  Evenings and weekends are definitely options.

Our tutors provide support for students throughout the week.  With parents’ permission, we check in with text messages to provide encouragement and to give gentle reminders.  We consult by phone.  Our tutors can do a Skype session.  The bottom line is that we are there for your student to provide support and assistance when it is needed most.


We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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If you prefer, you can always call us directly at 773-657-4440.

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