Steven Meyers, PhD
Founder and Director

Steven founded Tactical Tutors by combining knowledge he gained over 25 years as an educator with skills stemming from his work as a clinical psychologist.

Steven has taught thousands of students as a psychology professor. His teaching has received several national awards, including being the Illinois Professor of the Year selected by the Carnegie Foundation.

He has also worked directly with children and families in clinical settings, teaching them ways to cope with the challenges that they encounter in their lives.  Steven’s insights about children have been regularly quoted in outlets such as the Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Parent.

Steven realized years ago how difficult it is for students to perform well academically when they are worried, distracted, or upset.  Students of all ages learn best when they are encouraged and are supported by adults who are invested in their success.  He also has seen how worrisome and frustrating it can be for parents when their children struggle in school, and how arguments can occur because of this tension when parents try to help.

Steven has personally trained dozens of successful instructors using this awareness.  Our approach involves using effective teaching techniques so students learn the important content, but we also focus on the whole student and their well-being.  At Tactical Tutors, we understand that school, tests, and homework can be stressful because of many different reasons, so we teach a range of helpful skills while we provide high levels of academic support.

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