What is the cost for services?

We charge $80 per hour, regardless of the type of tutoring service provided. This includes in person sessions, online sessions, telephone consultations, electronic review of students’ work, or a requested consultation with the students’ parents or teachers.  The hourly rate is then prorated and adjusted for sessions that are longer than 60 minutes.

Are there other charges?

In some cases, extra materials may be needed for tutoring. These may include workbooks for test preparation, or an extra set of textbooks for the tutor’s use to better prepare for lessons.  Those remain your property after tutoring lessons are completed.  Otherwise, there are no additional charges for tasks such as transportation, parking, or the tutor’s preparation time.

How does payment work?

All charges and payments are through our secure online billing and scheduling system.  Parents need to keep a credit or debit card on file, and payment in full is required before or at the time of service.

How often do you recommend students meet with tutors?

We typically recommend two sessions per week so that the tutor and the student have the opportunity to review a greater amount of school work or test preparation material together. However, this is an individual decision.  In person sessions have a minimum length of one hour per visit, and additional time beyond this point is flexible to meet your needs.  Online tutoring is even more flexible because it is very easy to schedule.

How are tutors assigned?

We work with several tutors who have different scheduling availability, areas of expertise, and interpersonal styles.  We take great efforts to match your needs and preferences with your tutor’s skill set.

What if we don’t like or “click” with the tutor?

Let us know right after the first session and we’ll fix it!  We will reassign you to a different tutor if needed, and will provide your next session with your new tutor at no charge.  Or, we will refund your first session costs if you choose not to work with us.  We want parents and students to be fully satisfied with their experiences.  Families are always encouraged to reach out to our director if there is ever a problem.

Where will tutors meet for in person sessions?

We offer in person tutoring in your home, or a convenient public location such as a nearby library.  A parent or another adult must be present for all sessions.  If tutoring will occur in your home, please help provide an environment that minimizes distractions.

Will you coordinate tutoring with my student’s school?  

Yes! With your permission, we are happy to contact the school to learn more about the student’s challenges.  We can coordinate our support and work together.  With your assistance, we can even access the student’s school assignment/grade portal to monitor performance.

Will I be kept informed about my student’s progress if I’d like?

Yes!  Be sure to speak with your tutor to communicate your preferences for the frequency and amount of communication that would be ideal.

It sounds like your tutors address students’ emotional well-being.  Is this the same as therapy?

As part of our services, we help students address challenges with worry and attention to promote their achievement at school.  Our tutors are highly supportive and encouraging.  They teach coping skills, relaxation skills, and organizational skills training in their work.  However, our tutors function as educational support coaches, not as psychotherapists despite their training and expertise in this area.

Are your services covered by insurance?

Our services are not covered by insurance.

What’s the next step for getting started?

Reach out to us!  We’re happy to provide you with a free consultation to learn more about your needs.  Email info@tacticaltutors.com or call 773-657-4440 for your free phone consultation.  We’d be happy to answer your questions and to provide you with more information about our services.